Cavendish Recovery

About Us

Our Mission

Cavendish Recovery was founded by seasoned real estate investors who identified that there was a significant gap in the foreclosure process in Texas. We had been buying and selling many properties over the course of 15 years, even some that passed through the foreclosure process. As a result of being subjected to the foreclosure process, we found that there were a lot of investors who preyed on people in foreclosure. When properties we owned went into foreclosure, we got 1,000s of pieces of mail from people looking to buy the home from us for pennies on the dollar, but nobody who could have helped us.

It also became apparent to us that even though the new purchaser of the home was allowed to evict the previous homeowner out of the house, the courts have no obligation to alert the homeowners to the possibility of surplus funds being available. The information the courts provide is often mailed to the wrong place, it is too cumbersome, or it contains too much “legal jargon” to understand, and it is often discarded. Cavendish Recovery simplifies the process for homeowners and at the end of the process, the homeowners or the heirs are sent the funds they are rightfully owed.

That’s the reason we started Cavendish Recovery. To do two things: the first is to assist those facing foreclosure by providing them all of the options that are available to them, and the second is to ensure that those who have gone through foreclosure receive the surplus funds they are rightfully owed.