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THE Cavendish Recovery CAN HELP

The Cavendish Recovery assists homeowners who are facing foreclosure navigate through the entirety of the foreclosure process. We also ensure that homeowners who have gone through foreclosure receive the funds they are owed from the sale.

Foreclosure and Surplus Recovery Experts

The Cavendish Recovery, LLC is a company of committed, trustworthy and qualified personnel located in Tarrant County, Texas. Our foreclosure experts are here to guide you through the foreclosure and surplus recovery process.

If you’ve received communication from us, it’s because we can help you. We likely have found money that belongs to you, but is being held by the county clerk. We will recover those funds, at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Our team of foreclosure experts have identified that you have rights to claim funds as a result of a foreclosure sale. Our experts have performed public record searches, skip traces, and court docket reviews to determine this information. This may be a property that you owned, or one that you are an heir to, whether it was your parents, siblings or even distant relatives. We are experts in proving your rights to claim these funds and getting the courts to disburse them to you as soon as possible.

Unlike many other firms out there who farm out cases to independent attorneys, we have in-house legal counsel that reviews each case prior to filing and follows the case through to completion. This ensures your case is handled carefully and yields the best possible outcome.


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Our Process

Step 1

After your house or the house of your late relative has gone through the foreclosure sale, The Cavendish Recovery have identified that the house sold for more money than was owed on it. This extra money is yours!

Step 2

The Cavendish Recovery identified the funds that are currently being held in the county court registry as a result of the property going through the foreclosure sale.

Step 3

We use public records, land records, government databases, and skip trace tools and have identified you as the rightful claimant for surplus funds.

Step 4

After a free consultation, you sign an agreement which allows us to process the claim at no upfront or out-of-pocket cost to you.

Step 5

Once you’ve signed, we do all the work. Our attorneys draft and file all of the appropriate notices and motions. We coordinate with the attorneys from the other parties involved and set a hearing in front of the judge.

Step 6

Once the judge grants the order and disburses us the funds, we can send you an ACH Wire transfer or overnight you a check.

You could have these funds in your pocket in as little as 60 to 90 days after the auction!

Client Testimonials

They exceeded our expectations


The Cavendish Recovery made the difficult and confusing process of obtaining surplus funds simple and easy. From our first interaction to our final; they were professional, responsive and extremely helpful. All of our questions were answered quickly, we felt very prepared going into court and they exceeded our expectations. Justin specifically was amazing to work with. We would recommend this company to anyone for their real estate needs.

Heather G.

What they did was magic


Cavendish explained they would need to take some pictures of my condo and post inline which they did the same week I signed up. I had a few investors come see my unit and it was sold for $100,000 over the judgment amount. Other surplus companies said they couldn’t help me because there was a mortgage named in the HOA foreclosure complaint and they had a right to the surplus funds, TRA was able to file a motion and get the money that was due to me without losing anything to the mortgage company. I don’t know how they did it but I will just say it was magic ! Thank you TRA

Ricardo M.

Very patient and professional


The company was local, professional, and very patient with my questions and delayed response time. They made this a very easy process, and I am glad I decided to work with them.

Kaitlyn C.


At no cost to you, we will investigate whether you are entitled to surplus funds.